project:  future


To change the lens through which I interpret my role as an artist and reimagine the way I look at my creative process and products.


To create music for the enjoyment of others, near & far, and to provide employment & opportunity wherever and however I can.


Reexamining unreleased music, assessing works in progress, and planning a course of action to complete & release new music.



Understanding what I've learned, I feel it is important to equate these principles to an actionable program; a system for staying on course and maintaining my fundamental intentions. How do I turn these hypothetical concepts into something more tangible?



It seems obvious, yes. The core "product" that is in question here is the music. But it's not so simple as just plugging into Ableton, knocking out a track, and calling it a day. However, it's also not as complicated as I had been making it.

I had been focusing too much on things like release strategy or timing a song with "the mood" of a season. You know, stupid stuff. At the end of the day, if the music is good, and I believe mine is, then none of that other stuff matters. The new rule is "if it's done and I like it, it's getting released." I used to say I wanted to make music like a factory; release what's completed and then getting right back to work on what's next in line. So once again, that's the goal. The more music I release, the more opportunity that music has to actually reach people.

Furthermore, when I think of what makes my music and the experience making it special, I think of the full band sound and energy. So moving forward it will be priority number one to "get the band back together" as much as possible. In fact, I'd like to try and dig in on this even more than I ever have before. It's been nearly two years since our last Full Band/Full Day. I can't keep letting that kind of time go by. Moving forward I'd like to be doing it closer to 2-3 times per year.


For a long time, I thought it was important to be the best at everything. I was always striving for perfection and universal praise in all things: singing, songwriting, performance, etc. What I've found though is that this merely cultivated insecurities and false expectations within myself and distanced myself from making real connections with my team and my potential audience.


The reality is it's way more important to lean into the truth rather than "fake it 'til you make it." Moving forward, it's my goal for my music to reflect a more genuine version of myself and lean into the things that make me, and thus, my community special:

What I Am

  • Kind and Optimistic

  • Energetic Live Performer

  • Someone With Moral Beliefs

  • Authentic / Open

  • Supportive Collaborator

  • Jack Of All Trades

  • Facilitator / Nurturer 

What I'm Not

  • "Rockstar Cool"

  • Pop Influencer

  • Vibe-y

  • Unapproachable

  • Self-Aggrandizing

  • Cosmic Force of Nature

  • "My Way or the Highway"


This can be looked at on all sorts of scale. Obviously, I'd love to have my music reach global masses and have lasting positive effects on millions of lives. But realistically, that kind of reach is something I can't control. So I'm going to focus on what I can directly effect: the people who help me make it.

In fact, considering how much my life has been blessed by the opportunities I've had to make and share my art, I feel it is my moral obligation to pay it forward. Also, considering the devastating financial effects 2020 has had on our industry, moving forward I'm making it my responsibility to try to maximize the number of employable opportunities I can offer to my creative community. I'm in a position to offer some kind of help and I feel overwhelmingly compelled to do so.

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Full Band


Multiple Combos

Faster Turnover




More Shows

"Stripped" Sets

Simple Live Streams


and eventually...




Album Artwork

Creative Content

Music Videos

Cohesive Aesthetic

Alt Version Videos

"The people that are good at it, do it because they know it's making people happy

...and that's what's driving them."

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